Districts in Bihar

Bihar, a state in India,  In this blog, we’ll take a simple stroll through the list of districts in Bihar, discovering what makes each area special. Join us as we explore the names and unique characteristics of these districts, offering a glimpse into the diverse landscapes and cultural richness that make up this historically significant state. Get ready to uncover the essence of Bihar’s administrative divisions and understand how they contribute to the state’s vibrant identity!

Districts in Bihar

Bihar is a state in Eastern India, and it became a state on April 1, 1936, with Patna as its capital. It’s an ancient place known for historical sites like Nalanda University. The Ganges River, which is very important for many people, flows through Bihar. The state is also famous for tasty sweets like laddoos and a special celebration called Chhath Puja, dedicated to the sun god! The major cities include Patna, Gaya, Muzaffarpur, Bhagalpur, and Darbhanga, with Patna being the largest. Important rivers in Bihar are Ganges, Gandak, and Kosi.

Bihar covers a total area of 94,163 km², including 91,838.28 km² rural and 2,324.72 km² urban areas. In 2011, the population was 10,40,99,452, with 1,17,58,016 in urban areas and 9,23,41,436 in rural areas. There are around 1,89,13,565 houses, including 20,50,625 in urban and 1,68,62,940 in rural areas.

The main languages spoken in Bihar are Hindi, Magadhi, Maithili, and Urdu. The ISO code for Bihar is IN-BR. For administrative purposes, Bihar is divided into districts. Pashchim Champaran is the largest district (covering 5228 km²), and Sheohar is the smallest (covering 349 km²). Patna is the most populated district, while Sheikhpura is the least populated.

As of 2011, Bihar has 38 districts. Here is a list of all Bihar districts along with area and population information.

List of Districts in Bihar

DistrictArea (km²)
1. Araria2,830
2. Arwal638
3. Aurangabad3,305
4. Banka3,020
5. Begusarai1,918
6. Bhagalpur2,569
7. Bhojpur2,395
8. Buxar1,703
9. Darbhanga2,279
10. Gaya4,976
11. Gopalganj2,033
12. Jamui3,098
13. Jehanabad931
14. Kaimur3,332
15. Katihar3,057
16. Khagaria1,486
17. Kishanganj1,884
18. Lakhisarai1,228
19. Madhepura1,788
20. Madhubani3,501
21. Munger1,419
22. Muzaffarpur3,172
23. Nalanda2,355
24. Nawada2,494
25. Pashchim Champaran5,228
26. Patna3,202
27. Purba Champaran3,968
28. Purnia3,229
29. Rohtas3,881
30. Saharsa1,687
31. Samastipur2,904
32. Saran2,641
33. Sheikhpura689
34. Sheohar349
35. Sitamarhi2,294
36. Siwan2,219
37. Supaul2,425
38. Vaishali2,036
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