Districts in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh, a state in India, is like a colorful mosaic state. In this blog, we’ll take a friendly stroll through the list of districts in Andhra Pradesh, exploring what makes each one special. Join us as we uncover the names and distinct features of these districts, offering a peek into the diverse landscapes and cultural richness that make Andhra Pradesh a fascinating part of India. Get ready for a simple and enjoyable journey through the heart of this vibrant state!

Districts in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is a state in Southern India, and it became a state on November 1, 1956, with Amaravati as its capital. It’s a fantastic place known for its spicy and tasty food. You can visit famous places like Tirupati and Araku Valley, where there are beautiful temples and scenic hills. Andhra Pradesh is also known for its traditional dance called Kuchipudi, which is colorful and full of energy! The major cities are Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Guntur, Tirupati, and Nellore, with Visakhapatnam being the largest. Important rivers in Andhra Pradesh are Krishna and Godavari.

Andhra Pradesh covers a total area of 1,60,205 km², including 1,56,085.73 km² rural and 4,119.27 km² urban areas. In 2011, the population was 4,93,86,799, with 1,46,10,410 in urban areas and 3,47,76,389 in rural areas. There are about 1,26,64,762 houses, including 36,53,618 in urban and 90,11,144 in rural areas.

Telugu is the official language spoken by most people. The ISO code for Andhra Pradesh is IN-AP. For administrative purposes, Andhra Pradesh is divided into districts. Anantapur is the largest district (covering 19130 km²), and Srikakulam is the smallest (covering 5837 km²). East Godavari is the most populated district, while Vizianagaram is the least populated.

As of 2011, Andhra Pradesh has 13 districts. Here is a list of all Andhra Pradesh districts along with area and population information.

List of Districts in Andhra Pradesh

DistrictArea (km²)
1. Anantapur19,130
2. Chittoor15,152
3. East Godavari10,807
4. Guntur11,391
5. Krishna8,727
6. Kurnool17,658
7. Prakasam17,626
8. Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore13,076
9. Srikakulam5,837
10. Visakhapatnam11,161
11. Vizianagaram6,539
12. West Godavari7,742
13. Y S R15,359
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